Referral Program

At Beech Tree Property Management, we work hard to foster strong relationships with real estate agents and brokers. We recognize the importance of mutually beneficial relationships, which is why Beech Tree Property Management offers a referral bonus for property management client referrals. We acknowledge your success in building a foundation of trusting clientele. With our referral program, we not only pay you for your referrals, we also take seriously your trust in us to serve your clients well. Beech Tree Property Management is a full time, full service residential and commercial property management company managing single-family homes, town homes, condos, and multi-family units as well as small office, medical, dental and retail commercial buildings.

We Pay You To Refer Property Management Clients.

Beech Tree Property Management offers an ongoing referral bonus when we secure a management agreement with a property owner as a result of your referral. The referral bonus is calculated as an ongoing percentage of management fees. It is paid out quarterly and will continue for the full first year of management. We will literally do all of the work, and pay you a percentage for the first year. Now that is easy cash!

We Make You Look Good.

The professionals at Beech Tree Property Management have 30+ years of combined management experience managing rental properties for ourselves, other owners and investors. We know the local property management industry not only through our dedicated work with investors, but also through our longtime association with the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM) serving in various Board positions and learning through collaboration and coursework. Because of our involvement we have achieved excellence in our local approach in the Greater Boise Metro Area. Our experience and expertise goes a long way in exceeding the needs and expectations of our customers and clients. Beech Tree Property Management will ensure that your customers and clients are satisfied. When the client you refer experiences our professionalism and quality service they will thank you. Refer your clients to an expert… refer them to Beech Tree Property Management!

We Will Manage Your Rental Inventory.

Some brokers and real estate agents manage rentals out of obligation in order to get repeat listings and sales from clients. It is impossible, however, to provide excellent, full-service property management while keeping up with changing governmental regulations while trying to simultaneously run an effective and successful real estate firm. Beech Tree Property Management is ready to take over your inventory of rentals, pay you a referral fee and give your clients and customers the great management service they expect. And when your client is ready to sell the property, they will be promptly referred back to you for listing. It really is a win-win opportunity.

Tired Of The Management Hassle? We Will Buy Your Management Accounts.

Tired of the mid-night calls, rent collection, days in court? Do you want to get out of property management altogether? Beech Tree Property Management will buy your property management accounts. We have the organizational process and experience to make the transition effortless for both the owner and the tenant. Any inquiry or discussion about possible transitions will be kept in the strictest confidence. All parties involved will sign a confidentiality agreement in order to protect important business relationships.

If you would like additional information about any one of the opportunities listed above, please complete the Referral Form below, and we will respond promptly. Thank you for your trust and your interest!

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