What else can Beech Tree Property Management offer to me?

Rather than just manage your properties, we will take a proactive, systematic approach and run your properties as a business. Businesses have plans and objectives and together with you, we will determine what those should be and drive our management to reach those goals. In addition, we feel strongly that our owner clients should learn more and become better educated investors. By helping our clients learn about the different possibilities of locating, financing, and owning more rental property, they have unique opportunities to grow their investment portfolio. Having the time to focus on building wealth rather than managing an existing portfolio requires confidence that tenant concerns are being handled expeditiously and that the financial management of the properties can be handled by an outside firm. Using an investor minded property management company is key to this success. You will have personalized, secure, 24-hour access to your property accounts with us via the Internet. You will also be able to retrieve rent rolls, repairs made, pull various financial reports, and track how your rental is doing.

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